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I work within the context of embodied, enactive, embedded, and extended cognitive science (the “4Es”), specializing on the micro-dynamics of embodied interaction regulation and skills.

Coming from cognitive linguistics, in 2006 I started developing methods for reconstructing tacit knowledge and bodily skills. I specialize in tools from empirical phenomenology to assist people with the systematic verbalization of what they only intuit or what their bodies "know". I also use knowledge visualization tools from cognitive task analysis.

My work takes interest in several topics and their overlaps:

(1) Embodied skills used to regulate interaction and to create interpersonal synergies. By modeling how people micro-adapt to changing social circumstances, shape a collective field, yet stay finely coordinated and act in jointly meaningful ways, my research is relevant to understanding the foundations of joint action.

(2) Improvising together, notably with regard to coordination in real time and joint creativity. My colleagues and I have researched partner dance, martial arts, and body therapeutic fields, and would also welcome collaborations on music making, arts and crafts, as well as teamwork.

(3) Skill networks that combine physical skills, “smart” perception of surrounding information and situation awareness, making rapid decisions, reactivity, being flexible, and connecting all these aspects into a single whole.

(4) How professional experts regulate complex self-organizing systems “on the job” that are difficult or impossible to shape in direct ways (such as in therapy, medical, emergency, peacekeeping, ecological, or teamwork contexts).

If you are interested in launching joint projects or like to use my skills for the purposes of coaching, knowledge transfer, or educational designs feel free to contact me!

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